Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Tenley Project™ 2011

The Tenley Project™ is proud to announce a new season of giving for 2011!

Through the generous giving of everyone that participated in 2010, the Tenley Project™ donated 42 American Girl dolls and several hundred additional dollars worth of "toys for boys" to The Children's Hospital in Denver on Christmas morning.

This year Tenley's goal is to donate at least 50 more American Girl dolls to The Children's Hospital of Denver ...

... but there's a twist ...

... for 2011 an anonymous donor has agreed to match every dollar donated up to $5,000.00 as an additional donation to the The Children's Hospital in Denver!

To get everything started, Tenley has already donated everything in her piggybank -- watch the video below (here's the link if the embed doesn't work):

If this is your first time reading about the Tenley Project™, you can find some information about what started it via the links below.

To read the original story that started it all, please click here.
To see my television appearance last year regarding the project please click here to view.

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